How to Participate

Your donation can assist scientists in the effort to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases.

Donate to Advance Medical Research

Take the first step to participation:

  • Check out the list of donation needs below
  • Be sure you fit the basic donor requirements
  • Fill out the Pre-Screening form to see if you qualify
  • If you are eligible, donate in comfort at our collection facility and be paid for your time and efforts
Healthy Donors
Seeking Healthy Donors with Unique Characteristics

Normal healthy blood samples, plasma, and other biological specimens from patients are required for medical research. These specimens are used to support the development of in vitro diagnostic test kits, treatments, vaccines and cures. Blood samples from donors who do not currently have or have a history of infectious disease (acute) specialty antibodies or chronic specialty antibodies brought by chronic illnesses or autoimmune diseases are eligible.

We’re currently recruiting patients with normal, healthy blood to help these research strives with a compensated donation:

Disease State Donors
Your diagnosed illness and blood donation can TARGET A CURE

Whenever a laboratory test is run for viral infections and chronic illnesses or autoimmune disorders, the FDA requires quality control groups to be measured against the sample to ensure accuracy. These quality control samples must come from human plasma with indicative markers for the disease. Since these donations are used for research and test kits, donors are compensated for their time and donation. Compensation per visit depends on the donation needed.

Participate in paid plasma and biological specimen donations

If you have been clinically diagnosed with a viral infection by a healthcare professional or are currently being treated for a chronic illness or autoimmune disorder, you may be able to participate in our plasma or whole blood donation programs. Documentation of the diagnosis and/or treatment may be required.

Be sure to consult your primary care physician for educational resources on these conditions.

See the list below for qualifying disease indications, click the appropriate link to find out more information, and fill out the Pre-Screening form if you feel you may qualify. Patients with:

Viral Infection (Acute) Specialty Antibodies   Chronic Disease Specialty Antibodies
Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with a viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection such as Mononucleosis, Lyme Disease, or Hepatitis A? See if you are eligible to enroll in our donor programs for the following indications:   Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with a chronic disease like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Diabetes? Chronic diseases are long-lasting conditions that can be controlled but not cured: 


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