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Feel great knowing your donation could lead to a breakthrough discovery or help a patient lead a better quality of life. Compensation levels are different based on the type of collection performed or Special Recruitment Requests from researchers. When your donation is complete, you’ll be compensated for your time and efforts.

Please call our donor center nearest you for specific details.

On the Forefront of Discoveries


Covid-19 Testing, Blood Donations and Vaccine Development

Most diseases are caused by pathogens, typically viruses, bacteria or parasites, that attack the body’s natural immune system. Vaccines use inactivated or attenuated forms, small inactive parts, of these pathogens to stimulate our natural immunity and provide protection against infection. Covid-19 is no exception.

What begins with a diagnostic test, commonly a PCR swab in the nose or throat, revealing whether someone has been infected by the virus, leads to blood donations from both ill and recovered donors aiding scientists to vaccine discovery.

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Lab Tech Looking at Vacutainer Label

BSC's At-Home Donation Program Featured on WTHR in Indianapolis - WATCH NOW

We're proud to serve the scientific community in supporting COVID-19 research! We've been overwhelmed with messages from those who have COVID-19 and are willing to donate their blood to help in saving the lives of others. Our nationwide, mobile donation units allow you to safely help in the fight against the virus from the comfort of your own home. 


BSC Mobile Donation_PR

BSC Launches At-home Blood Donation Service for COVID-19 Patients Who Want to Help Develop New Drugs and Vaccines

BSC is collecting blood samples from sick and recovered COVID-19 patients to assist in developing COVID-19 therapies, vaccines and diagnostic biomarkers. 

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Evolution of CCL

The evolution of chronic lymphocytic leukemia: important advances over 50 years

A diagnosis of blood cancer, leukemia or lymphoma, was basically a death sentence 50 years ago. Read about the developments in both diagnosis and treatment options that are changing this.

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The Next Wave of Immuno-Oncology

Want to understand what CAR-T, Immuno-oncology and Immunotherapy mean to cancer patients? Read this blog by Scientific American for information about this new exciting therapy that has had unprecedented success in blood cancers (leukemia and lymphomas) as well as other tumor types.

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The Rise of Cancer Immunotherapy

The story behind the development of the amazing immunotherapy age for cancers is a wonderful success story of science and hard work. Read more about it in this story by Nautilus.

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Attack of the Tregs

Attack of the Tregs!!!

Taking advantage of the body’s own mechanism is what immuno-therapy is all about. In this great article, read up on how scientists are re-directing the body’s immune regulatory system to decrease so-called bad immune responses leading to autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and other such diseases.

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Don't Take Our Word For It.

Donors provided their testimony voluntarily and they were not paid to provide a review of BSC. Donors are compensated for their time and effort in donating specimens for research.

Ten years ago I started with BSC. It has been an amazing and rewarding experience ever since I started. After about a year, I started donating white blood cells every other week. The professionals at BSC could not have been more helpful or better at making me feel comfortable. I absolutely love the people here. I like feeling included in the work, and it’s wonderful to feel appreciated as we go about this task of helping others.

Alex-B - Alex B.

I started coming to Biological Specialty in May, 2005 to donate whole blood a couple of times. I started back up in 2012 to do Source Plasma. At this time, I learned that what we donate goes towards medical testing. As an added bonus we get paid for it too. I started donating white blood cells recently. And again it goes towards medical testing. If it means I can give something to help someone, I am for it.

- David T.

I have been donating plasma at BSC for a little over one year now and I would highly recommend using this facility if you’re interested in participating and contributing to the various health research projects that are valuably needed by researchers today. The staff at BSC is very accommodating with the donor’s needs and their schedule.

- Albert A.

I’ve been going to BSC since 1994 when I was a freshman in college and I still go today. It’s great to be able to make some extra bucks while supplying blood for research. I would highly recommend BSC to anyone who wants to help make a difference in the scientific community.

- Jesse A.

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Your donation can make a difference in advancing research and clinical therapies. To qualify, candidates must be in good health and be pre-screened before participation.
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