Donate Blood with a Friend

When you donate blood, you are helping researchers find treatments and cures to a wide range of serious diseases. Plus, the blood donation process is quick and easy—watch this video to see how it works. And if that isn’t enough, you also get paid for your blood donation!

Still, it turns out that there’s something even better than donating blood…

Donating blood with a friend!

Better Together

A shopping trip to the mall.
Hitting some golf balls.
Having dinner at a nice restaurant.
Seeing a movie.

All those things can be enjoyable by yourself. But they’re even better when you have a friend at your side.

And donating blood is no different… whether you’re an experienced blood donor or if you’re new to blood donation.

Maybe you’ve donated many times, and you want to share the experience with a friend. Sure, you could describe how rewarding it feels to donate blood and know that you’re helping scientists target a cure. But when you donate blood with a friend, they get to experience that feeling for themselves!

Bringing a friend to BSC is also a good idea if you’ve never donated blood before and you’re a little nervous. In that case, having a friend donate with you can help you stay calm. After all, there’s nothing more reassuring than a friend telling you that everything’s going to be fine!

In either case, you and your friend will hopefully enjoy the blood donation experience, and you can make more appointments to donate blood together in the future.

Who Should You Bring?

Your blood donation partner doesn’t have to be a friend—it can also be a family member. Many siblings and cousins donate blood together, and parents often come to BSC with their adult children. That’s because donating blood is a meaningful way to spend time with a loved one.

Take it from Carolyn B. and Tyler B., mother and son, who donate blood in the Allentown Center. “The buddy system is fun! You’re not alone and both of you can talk about your experience and walk out feeling like you were a small piece of the puzzle that helped with research,” explains Carolyn. She has been donating for many years and encouraged Tyler to join her. They’ve been donating together for over five years.

A whole blood donation takes approximately 45 minutes, which gives you a nice opportunity to chat and catch up. If you donate plasma, white blood cells, or bone marrow, you’ll have even more time together!
And there’s no reason to stop at friends and family! Need to talk with a co-worker and want to get out of the office? Bring them to BSC!

Looking to do something special with a date? Bring them to BSC!

Want to show a new neighbor around town? Well… you get the idea!

How can I refer a friend that is interested in donating blood?

When you bring someone along to donate blood, you get more than just companionship—you also get more money! BSC has a referral program, where you earn a bonus for every new donor you bring in. If your friend donates whole blood, you’ll get $10. If they donate plasma or white blood cells, you’ll earn $25. And these bonuses are in addition to the money that you both receive for your donations.

Maybe after your blood donation, you can use some of your referral bonus to treat your friend to a snack or a gift to say thank you!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

We hope you’re motivated to bring a friend, family member, co-worker, or anyone with you the next time you donate blood. If you’ve got someone in mind, don’t forget to submit their name and contact information using our referral form.

Schedule an appointment online for yourself and your friend or contact us to learn more at (833) GO-4-CURE.


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