Donate Blood This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here again! It’s time for delicious cookies, festive decorations, and ugly sweaters. And while many people are busy shopping for friends and family, not many people make time to donate blood. That’s a shame because most blood donations take less than an hour to complete. It’s also a problem for the countless scientists who depend on blood donations… and who’s work doesn’t take a holiday.

Research Never Stops

During the holiday season, many people attend parties, visit with loved ones and take time off from work. But in the medical industry, scientists continue to research deadly diseases year-round, trying to discover life-saving treatments and vaccines. This work is never easy, but it faces an additional challenge in December: a shortage of blood donations. When you donate blood at BSC during the holidays, you’re allowing scientists to continue their important research. Now that’s an incredible holiday gift!

And Speaking of Gifts…

It can be challenging to buy the perfect present for everyone on your shopping list. And while BSC can’t help you find this year’s hottest toy or video game; we can help you with the next best thing: money! We compensate all our blood donors, offering different amounts for different types of donations. We have special programs for donors with certain infections, chronic diseases, and even blood types. Click here for more information and to see if you’re eligible.

You can also earn more money by referring other people to donate blood with you! We offer a $25 bonus for every new donor you bring in who completes their first donation. And there’s no limit to the number of people you can refer… or the number of $25 bonuses you can earn! Click here to start referring friends and relatives.

A New Tradition

And while you’re referring friends and family members, why not actually come with them to BSC and donate blood together? You can make it a new holiday tradition; something that you and your loved ones do every year. Many families already perform community service during the holidays, like volunteering at a soup kitchen or collecting clothes for the needy. Donating blood is another way you can help others, which embodies the true spirit of the season!

Click here to schedule an appointment for your blood donation or call us at (833) GO-4-CURE to learn more.

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