5 Reasons to Donate Blood During the Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe that the 2021 holiday season is rapidly approaching. Many retailers are already gearing up for holiday 2021 with decorations, gift ideas and apparel, and soon radio stations will switch to sounds of the season. Plus, now that many friends and family have immunization against COVID-19, in-person celebrations can resume. This year should be quite festive!

Many people may be feeling extra generous — along with extra festive — and are looking for ways to give back to the community. A great way to share the love this holiday season is to donate blood — an action that only requires about an hour of your bustling holiday schedule.

Consider these five reasons to donate blood during this year’s season of giving:

1) Blood Donations Often Decline as the Holidays Draw Near

Holiday time is often the busiest time of the year. Between gatherings, travel, shopping, decorating, wrapping, and soaking up all of the holiday festivals, the calendar between November and December is jam-packed. But what some people may not know is that donating blood can take as little as 45 minutes. Plus, many employers often grant volunteer hours as paid time off, and appointments can be scheduled during your lunch hour. Many employers also closed during the holiday season, so scheduling an appointment during your day off would help ensure that donation goals are met.

2) Holiday Blood Drives May Offer Raffles or Prizes

Because many donation centers see donations decline during this time of year, blood drives may offer special prizes, perks, or raffles for donors who give blood during the holiday season. Some organizations may also offer prizes to donors who post pictures of their donation and use hashtags.

Interested in “tens and twenties” this holiday season? Centers, such as Biological Specialty Co., offer financial compensation for donating, with the amount varying between the different types of blood given. Additionally, referring a friend to donate can also get you some cash; donors can earn a bonus when they refer a friend or relative who completes their first donation: $10 for Whole Blood; $25 for Plasma or White Blood Cells (Leukapheresis).

3) Research Doesn’t Stop Despite Holiday Recess

Although many of us are taking this time of year to relax, unwind, and take our minds off work, the medical industry doesn’t work that way. Scientists are still testing, exploring, and researching, especially if they are on the brink of identifying something new. However, it can be hard for blood research to continue during the holiday season if there is a lack of donations. By donating blood during the holidays, you are supplying scientists with the tools they need to continue their studies.

4) Donating Blood Can Become Your Newest Tradition

Many people enjoy the holidays because of the traditions they share with family and friends. Some families run a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning, and others bake cookies for Santa Claus with their smallest children. Instilling a tradition of donating blood among the older members of the family—like those in college and older— truly embodies the season of giving. Plus, it may inspire them to create this tradition with their own family in the future.

Speaking of the season of giving...

5) Donating Blood Embodies the Reason for the Season

Sometimes, we need a reminder that the holiday season isn’t about presents or parties or the perfect holiday show. The season of giving is about community outreach, volunteering to help the less fortunate, and spreading kindness and cheer. Donating blood during the holidays embodies the true spirit of the season and may inspire others to donate as well.

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