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Raise Funds with a Blood Drive

We offer a unique way to meet your fundraising goals by hosting a blood drive. Compensation from each donating participant will be given to your favorite charity or organization.

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Fill out the online form below with your contact information and a donor recruiter will contact you to discuss more details and arrange a convenient date.

Donate Blood to Research

Blood Bag

For every blood donation to support scientific research, BSC will give the donor compensation to the charity of your choice. You bring the donors and we'll do the rest.

Fundraising Support for Charity

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After the fundraising event is complete, we will issue the total donor compensation amount to your chosen charity or organization. It's that easy!


Interested in Learning More?

Partner with BSC in your fundraising efforts. A blood drive helps everyone. It's easy set up, helps scientific research, as well as your favorite charity or organization. Get more tips for hosting a successful blood drive. Curious to see more about previous fundraising events and ideas? Look here to see examples.

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